3rd Grade Free Kickoff Packet: Math Puzzles! (10 Puzzles)

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Are you excited to try some math puzzles? Let's go!

We've created this downloadable puzzle packet to help 3rd graders practice the math they learned in 2nd grade, and will be learning as they start 3rd grade. There are 10 puzzles in this packet. Some are one page and some are multiple pages. The last page of the packet is the answer key.

This packet is designed for printing - some puzzles can be printed on double-sided paper, but some need to be printed on single-sided paper because they need to be cut out and re-arranged in order to be solved. (We also love the idea of getting kids off their screens for a while.) 

If you enjoy this packet, we hope you'll come back and try our other 3rd grade puzzle packets! The A packets focus on math that kids typically learn earlier in the year, and B packets tend to be more advanced math. Try 3rd Grade Addition & Subtraction Practice A - Animals! or 3rd Grade Multiplication & Division Practice B - Science!