About Us

Math Adventure was started by a geeky dad with a crazy idea - what if math could be fun? 

That smart, audacious guy, David Garber (on the left), had experienced the nerdy excitement of puzzle culture at Microsoft for years, and wanted to develop something that could bring the thrill of team-based puzzle-solving to kids, while also immersing them in a theatrical experience. And so Math Adventure was born in 2007 at Somerset Elementary School in Bellevue, Washington.

Since then, we've developed the idea into math night kits for schoolsso that more schools around the world could experience what makes Math Adventure so completely unique and special. Complete with online resources, marketing templates, helpful videos, and new storylines and puzzles, kits are now available here. But we knew we could do so much more, especially in this new pandemic world, to help parents make math fun for their kids.

And so we are excited to launch our puzzle packets - puzzles which are built from the time-tested, kid-approved fun of Math Adventure events, and which resolve to words that kids know - or which will hopefully prompt their curiosity if they don't know yet. Each grade-level packet is built around a theme or idea, so that parents can decide which area they want their kids to focus on. This is also a great resource for teachers looking for a fun way to get kids engaged at the classroom level.

We're always building and iterating on the original idea of trying to make math a fun adventure, helping kids (and parents!) see it as a lifelong tool that can be an amazing and exciting learning opportunity. If you have any feedback or ideas for us, please send them along via our contact us page. Thanks!