Quick Tip: Using QR Codes for Help on a Puzzle

Posted by Noelle Barnes on

As you download puzzle packets, you'll notice that each puzzle has its own instruction page. While those pages may seem duplicative (i.e. each similar puzzle has the same instruction page), they are not - those little "answer" QR codes are key!

We know that math can be a stressful topic for parents sometimes, so we've tried to give you all of the tools you need to help your child successfully navigate through these puzzles. To that end, you have two QR codes on each instructions page:

  1. Answers - this QR code will lead you to a link that shows you the entire puzzle you're working on, with the answers filled in. In case you get stuck on a puzzle (check your math!), this is the fastest way to figure out what the issue might be.
  2. How-to - if a puzzle simply doesn't make much sense at first glance, we've made how-to videos for each one, so that you can take a quick look at a video showing how to do the puzzle. That way, you will be able to have that "a-ha!" moment and your kiddo can get going on the math - and get solving on that final answer.

So, it bears repeating - don't get rid of those instructions sheets! You don't necessarily need to print out each one, but keep them handy, just in case you need the help.

And if you'd like a refresher (or a first-time primer) on how to use your phone to read a QR code, this article should help.

Happy solving!


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